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 A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education at a private elementary or secondary school, or a private or public post-secondary college, university, or other academic institution.
    As an International student what kind of scholarship you can expect and how you can find the right one for you. Read below and learn about the scholarship detail for an international student.

Types Of Scholarship

Every Student is eligible for a Scholarship but it depends on one category. 

  • Academic
    • Those who has good scores and top in school level gets automatic scholarship in schools and universities. 
  • Sports
    • Those who rank good in sports gets scholarship. There is practically a scholarship for every single sport, from volleyball to football; gymnastics to cheer leading. So, if you excel in anything physical, you should definitely pursue an athletic scholarship.
  • Community Service
    • If you already perform a lot of community service, then a scholarship in this vein may be perfect for you. 
  •  Personal Background, Special Category & Other Sponsor
    • Varying from type to type the Scholarships are widely available these days. 

Identify Right Scholarship

          Scholarships are provided by a wide range of sources, including schools, colleges, businesses, non-profit groups, individuals, and government organizations, among others. Every scholarship is unique and it can cover from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, and every little bit helps when you’re a student abroad. Privately funded scholarships will send the money directly to the school so they can cover your expenses, while others will send it directly to you. Every country has Universities and College that offers Scholarship for students with Full or Partial which helps the student to achieve their study even with less financial stability. To Identify the right scholarship require you to find the right country which offers good scholarship. Identifying right scholarship starts from researching the country, finding good University, find the right choices of course and lastly the fees that’s affordable along with the scholarship.  

Tips To Choose Affordable Education

When it comes to Scholarship with plenty of options, finding right kind of education that is affordable makes the scholarship even works best!  

  • Calculate your Savings
  • Apply Loans / Education Funds
  • Score high in Academics
  • Choose Course & Country Wisely
  • Spend Less by choosing Food & Accommodation 
  • Work & Study as a Dual Thing

Calculate Your Savings

           If you are student who is still studying and looking for future education, this is the right time to start saving some amount. It will help you achieve the education you want to do in future with ease. For instance you may think it’s not worth but think that you have got scholarship for a University in USA and you are excited to start the education but you lack funds for travel expense and the food expenses. So literally you will drool at that time. To make it possible you can start saving small amount on monthly basis, or tell your parents/sponsors to start saving for your future. 

Apply Loans/Education Funds

        Bank, Fund raising sites and Fund providing agents gives the right amount of loan for education when it comes to further studies. This will be possible if your family has land, car or any property. If that’s not the case some fund raising sites help you in getting the amount needed for your education through donations by someone. You have to research on various categories of fund raising websites and try that suits you. Be genuine that way you can reach specific amount of money through Donations – Fund raising sites. 

Score High In Academics

     You can achieve automatic scholarship from specific universities which accepts students who has higher level grades / scores in their academics. Not just in Academics even in the Sports one receives scholarship if they have got good sports ranking / achievements in previous education time. It gives right way to earn scholarship without much efforts. Start putting your efforts to earn scholarship in University or College without trying hard!

Choose Course & Country Wisely

Not every country offers scholarship and not every course gets full scholarship facility. In China you will get full scholarship from us but if you chose not to study Chinese for 1 year then you won’t get that full scholarship! Rules and policies varies country to country. Choosing the country matters and choosing the course along with it changes the way you choose a Scholarship. 

Work & Study As Dual Thing

If you found the scholarship in a country that won’t allow you to work while you study there is a chance you may return broke. If you find a country that allows you to work part time during your study then you will have higher chance of having amount saved for your future at the same time have the liberty to spend on the needs during the study. So finding the country that provides partial scholarship with part time job allows you to pay the rest of your fees through the job you do! It even allows you to eat and stay wisely. 

Spend Less By Choosing Food & Accommodation

         Once you are ready to choose the country try checkout the cost of Tuition, Food and Accommodation; the way you see will change once you found out the Food and Accommodation is costlier in cities of the country and less in villages of the country. It even changes according to the population of the location. If you have chosen the country with higher population, higher wages then the location will be having costlier lifestyle. Sharing the accommodation in Hostel vary than in Hotel. Hotel is lot expensive than the Hostel in some country whereas the country like India the Expenses are high depend on the location you chose. 

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